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Student Benefits

Get Better Grades

Students who live with other students achieve higher grades than those who do not and are almost twice as likely to make the Dean’s list. This is true for all college students of all grade levels, not just freshmen.

Assure Graduating

Students who live with other students have been shown to have a much higher rate of graduation. The chance of graduating increases by approximately 25% for those who live at least two years or more with other students, not just their first year.

Forge Lasting Friendships

Students who live with other students develop last friendships with individuals who can help through the tough times, be there during the happy times and be witness to all the first-time experiences that college life brings.

Save Money

Students will have to spend money on extra out-of-pocket expenses like monthly utilities or furnishing an apartment.

Cut Out The Commute

The price of gas and parking make living next to campus an economical choice. Students also save time by avoiding traffic and the time it takes to park and then walk to class. In addition, it also helps to lower our carbon footprint, making living next to campus the greenest choice a student can make.

Access Campus and Student Sponsored Events

A short walk takes students to the campus facilities like the library and classrooms. This gives students easy access to dialogues, presentations, art shows and sporting events. There is a high degree of association between being involved in campus activities and staying in school.

Stress-Free Move!

Moving into Spectra Southside will be the easiest thing you have ever done. With a fully furnished apartment, convenient appliances already present, and a prime location, all you need to bring is a suitcase and your toothbrush! No more hassle of moving furniture, moving trucks, or furniture rentals.